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Once in a Blue Moon Bakery opened over a decade ago and has been a staple in Downtown Cary ever since! Here at the bakery, we are very passionate about making amazing cakes and treats that look as good as they taste!

Lily Reed

Once in a Blue Moon Bakery is owned by Lily Reed who has worked as a decorator at the bakery for 12 years.  Prior to that she learned how to bake and decorate cakes by working at several bakeries and restaurants around the triangle over the last 20 years.  Originally from Illinois, Lily and her husband Chris run the bakery like a true family business, taking pride in being part of the wonderful community of Downtown Cary

Bryanna Kozak, Master Baker

Bryanna has been with Blue Moon for over 7 years. At the bakery, Bryanna is responsible for baking all the incredible confections including cakes, cookies, brownies, pastries and breads! Fun fact-she is also the resident artist who creates our weird and wonderful window art!

The rest of the Bakery crew includes many familiar faces you’ve seen over the years.  As a small business in a small community, we appreciate the support of our customers and strive to make everyone who comes to see us feel right at home.